Effective January 1, 2023, a Street Cut Permit Fee is in effect in accordance with the amended Street Cut Ordinance No. 2006-595. The online Street Cut Permit System has been updated in accordance with the new Ordinance. If you are utilizing a steel plate as a temporary surface, you are required to obtain a Steel Plate Permit. Upon submitting your Street Cut Permit application, you will be automatically diverted to the steel plate application.  
  Schedule of Permit Application Fees*        




Permit Application Fee:        

Excavation by Tunneling, Jacking and Boring only      
(Pavement on the City’s ROW is not disturbed)


All other Methods of Excavations                               
(Pavement on the City’s ROW is cut or altered)




* Administrative Fee                          




Street Cut Permit Extension                          


Steel Plate Temporary Surface




Data Entry Fee:
No Longer Applicable          







* On December 15, 2010 City Council passed Ordinance Number 2010-1016 which amended the City of Houston Code of Ordinances by adding “Sec. 1-14 Administrative Fee”. Section 1-14 requires an administrative fee to be collected at the time of application for any license, permit or service for which the fee is greater than $50.00. This includes all renewals regardless of whether or not an application is filed.  
  For Further Information Contact        


Street Cut Section at (832)394-9101 or e-mail judy.nguyen@houstontx.gov  
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